Past year a video with 60 seconds had posted by the famous creator “Rocking Dadi” on TikTok was amassed with moreover 30 lakh views within three weeks after the video was uploaded. TikTok is fundamental demography of the realtering of the content of social media in India. So as more generational gross content gets uploaded on the TikTok, how brands will approach the marketing on TikTok? Before we dive into the different types of avenues of advertising on the platform, here is a back story on how the platform started.

 A global presence of TikTok has 75+ languages and with 150 + countries, but these are all started in China in 2016, in the lip-synching form app called Douyin. Which was owned by the ByteDance, a Chinese tech giant, Douyin was eager to acquire 100 million users within 200 days in China. Now ByteDance wanted the expansion around the globe. So it just acquired another startup in Shangai known as in 2017. then was also an app used for lip-synching, but it is made more inroads in the market in the US and showed the potential better as an app on a global level. ByteDance is merged with the best features of the app with the Douyin app and created TikTok. Since 2018 September, in the monthly installs of terms, with 1.5 billion users, the world’s most downloaded social media app in the is TikTok. 


The founder of the biggest messaging app Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, tried to differentiate the audience or people of the different app on the social media communication pyramid basis. He just sees the pyramid of social media communication based on the needs of the user in the following manner. 

  1. The TikTok content’s audience made up of the users on TikTok as well as those who have to need to get a view of your content on TikTok on other social media. Today many users buy TikTok likes for their videos and see this platform as a tool that used for creating short video clips with just by using a few clicks.
  2. While Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, etc. look at the lack and pretense of poorly authenticity and try to educate the users about storytelling.
  3. More than 2/3 of the users 
  4.  of TikTok around the world are not more than the age of 30 years old
  5. 60% of the users in TikTok aged between 24 years past and 16 years old, in the case of the USA.