Instagram Story:6 Flourishing Tips Marketers Must Check Out

Instagram story is an appealing visual stage with full attractive images and videos. You can make a maximum of 15 seconds of videos with this platform. Posting content on the Instagram story is best instead of uploading it in the feed part. Because, when you post something on the storyboard, automatically, your story displays as tappable circles. You can see at the top of the home screen; it will display with a pink and orange circle.

That variation of color will also appear in your followers’ feed; it encourages them to view your story. You all know that an Instagram story will last 24 hours. 

In this article, you will see a few techniques on how to use Instagram stories successfully.

Hashtags Are Mandatory 

As in your feed post, on the storyboard, you need to use it. Hashtags are powerful tools on all other social media. Its main job is to categorize your content based on keywords or hashtags you use. Hashtags help to get your content to appear; when people search, it matches with your hashtags. You can use up to 10 hashtags in your story posts. Whatever hashtags you use, ensure all you are connected and relate with each other. Most importantly, it must match your content and business. Before using it in your content, check it goes with the trend. 

Republish UGC(User Generated Content)

Did you know, UGC is the best content for your business. Even call to action like “caption this,” whats is your favorite.” These types of calls to action will not allow us to resist responding. So you can republish those content on your storyboard. You can repost if people mention your brand or use your hashtags. 

Don’t Think Much Keep It Simple. 

People prefer fresh and natural content from your side. Even a single picture with text works a lot. Moreover, posting consistent stories is enough, letting your audience know that you will provide a great content source. Consistent stories will help to hold the audience’s attention for an extended period. This way, you can expand your engagement rate and bring new audiences to your account. To maximize your engagement, you can consider Snaphappen Instagram story views to boost your organic reach to your Instagram story. So don’t overthink while creating content for your story. Do it like that; remember, not all people love to watch well-framed content. 

Don’t Miss Out Emojis & Stickers. 

Emojis and stickers play a significant role in creating fun and brightening your Instagram story. It is an effortless way to show off your brand’s personality. Through emojis, you can express your emotion along with your story. 

Make Use Of Polls & Questions Stickers 

Starting polls and posting question stickers is like you are opening your door to receive immediate engagement from your audience. It is a great sticker to do a quick survey of your market. Within a second, you can get answers from your audience. 

Use Combination Of Both Photos & Videos 

Figure out which content works for your account. Videos receive more engagement; grab this chance to post short and funny videos daily. When you experiment with different kinds of videos and content and pick the best one. You can create some boomerang clips to connect with your audience. 

For instance, if you want to promote your online shopping store, you can post pictures of your clothes or combine both images and videos.


Well, the Instagram story is the winning stage for marketers and business people. They can easily express their thoughts, and they reach it right away to their audience. It is your job to explore and get to know about new features, options on social media. Be the first one to get adapted to those latest updates. We hope that these tips will help you to improve your progress on your Instagram story.