5 Effective Tips To Amplify IGTV Engagement

Over millions of users around the world use Instagram which has more reach and engagement compared to other social media platforms. Previously, it was used only to share photos and short videos. With user engagement increasing daily, Instagram introduced IGTV in 2018, allowing users to post long-form videos ranging between 15 seconds to 60 minutes. IGTV is the only competition to YouTube. Now, it is the right time to get into IGTV because there is less competition and more engagement. Recently, many brands love to post videos on IGTV as it gains more attention and reach as well as creates brand awareness among more people.

Why Should You Use IGTV?

According to a recent study, Instagram has more than 1 billion users globally catering to creating a strong community or audience. There are high chances that your brand can reach people across the globe. You can post long-form videos that describe the business, product description, and product demonstration more clearly and elaborately.

More Users = More Engagement.

The above equation is straightforward and factual. But you cannot predict the amount of engagement you would receive for your IGTV videos when you are a new user. In that case, you could better increase IGTV views count to grab more audience attention. The biggest advantage of IGTV is that even non-followers can watch your videos. Let us see some of the best tips to maximize IGTV engagement.

Steps To Maximize IGTV Engagement

Good Content & Good Reach

Good content will always be appreciated and reach the audience well. Ensure posting good quality videos to get more engagement and revisits from the audience. Don’t post videos in a rush. Analyze recent trends, customer tastes, and preferences and make videos that people love to watch. Good content about your product will create brand awareness, and your product or service will reach many audiences.

Make Vertical Videos

A recent study found that 75% of users of IGTV are using mobile, so make videos for mobile aspect for more reach and engagement. Most social media users prefer vertical videos and not horizontal videos. Instagram tells its IGTV users to post vertical videos to increase user

engagement. Create specific content for IGTV.Don’t post old YouTube videos because people may have watched your content on YouTube before. It may create less impact on the audience.

Focus on Audience Attention Span

The audience’s average attention span on IGTV is 2 to 5 minutes. Time plays a significant role in determining your engagement. Duration is based upon the product or service, the topic you’re covering, and other factors. The experiment is needed; you need to post videos with different duration and find out which one has high engagement among the audience. And stick to that time duration.

Get Connected With Your Audience

One of the easy ways to get more engagement is to stay connected with the audience. It will create a good relationship with your audience. There are several ways to get connected with your audience as follows

  • By replying to their comments
  • By responding to their messages
  • By posting a Q&A session with the audience
  • By live events.

 Create Catchy Titles

Create unique and catchy titles to attract the audience. Don’t use titles that are used by others. The title of a video should create an impact and seek attention from the audience. Nowadays, people need good content with attractive or catchy titles. A catchy title takes the user to see the videos without any hesitation. For example, 

Title 1: How to make money

Title 2: Follow these four steps to earn 3000 rs in a day

The above two examples are completely different; only a few users click the first title because it is less attractive, but there are high chances a user will click the second title because it is beautiful and catchy. 


Considering the nine steps mentioned above may increase your IGTV engagement and bring the audience to your videos. IGTV helps different types of people having different kinds of interests. For example, an artist loves to entertain people, and a businessman loves to grow business, a brand loves to create brand awareness. Everybody came here with one goal, that gets more reach and engagement.