6 Instagram Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

For quite some time, Instagram has been one of the most important social media platforms. With over 65 million active users per month, 10 billion photos, and one of the most recognisable logos in the world, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses.

The photo-sharing website is becoming increasingly influential on its users’ purchasing decisions. Keeping this in mind, Instagram can be used for more than just sharing photographs; it can also be used to attract new business.

We’ve compiled the greatest strategies and tips from thriving small businesses to help you dominate Instagram as a company owner. Here are seven methods that have been shown to be effective when using social media as a promotional tool.

Produce interesting captions with emojis

Using emojis strategically can increase interaction with your audience. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and hashtags are entertaining and novel in their own way. Combine them for more power in your imagination.

Emojis are a great way to show your individuality and connect with others in your Instagram messages. Every time you make a new post, you don’t have to change the emoji you use or the colour scheme you employ.

To paraphrase

Your Instagram captions are irresistible because they are so fresh and creative. Your post needs to differentiate itself from the thousands of others just like it.

Make sure you’re coming at things from a way that no one else is. You don’t want to be known as someone who merely reports on their own life events without contributing anything of substance or making any effort. People can quickly locate a user they like on Instagram because they can follow anyone they choose. But if you want your message to stand out, you’ll need to do something truly exceptional.

Make smart use of hashtags

It’s important to monitor the success of your hashtags on Instagram before using them. Find out what happens when you use your own unique hashtag in your posts by conducting a search for it.
There’s no foolproof way to ensure that your hashtag will go viral, but there are a number of things that can improve its chances. Some hashtags do better when used infrequently, while others are used often by their users.

Hashtags that are eight to ten characters long tend to work best, and you should simplify them so that they are easy to read. It’s best to use multiple hashtags rather than relying on just one or two.

Move on from Instagram

Increase your Instagram following by making use of the many additional channels at your disposal. Twitter and Facebook ads, for instance, can help spread the word about your account. Take use of the advertising options provided by these platforms if doing so is in line with your business objectives.

Update often

Consistent posting is beneficial, but only if the content is interesting. Don’t lose this chance to show off your brand’s individuality and build rapport with fans by sharing subpar material. Instagram stories have become a popular tool for many companies to continually update their online content. They accomplish this by making digestible short videos that serve as an extension of the account and are in keeping with the tone and style of the brand. It’s safe to say you should give this a shot.

Stunning Instagram account

If your Instagram feed is well-designed, the profiles should be as well. These are the first pictures that new followers will see, so it’s important that they’re engaging enough to make them want to look through the remainder of your feed. This is especially crucial when utilising a mobile device, because you have less space to grab the reader’s attention.

Though it’s common knowledge to most, there are still companies that don’t know this: Instagram has recently implemented a feed algorithm. This means that the posts are not displayed in reverse chronological order. It’s a big deal for people who relied on it as a content curation tool only to discover they have no reach if no one actively engages with or likes their postings.

Use the algorithm to your advantage by experimenting with different publishing times to determine what works best for you. While there’s no foolproof method, you can use them as guidelines:

  • What do you often share on your site? Images that are bolder or more graphic-heavy are usually better later in the day, whereas lighter, more digestible stuff is ideal in the morning.
  • Just how long do you typically spend in your account? If you spend less than an hour on it every day, mornings can be a good option. This is because the majority of internet users are at work or school during those times, making posts made then more likely to be seen.
  • Where do you call home? When it comes to how often individuals use their smartphones, certain markets are significantly different from others.
  • Make sure your material is seen by as many people as possible by carefully scheduling your posts.