7 Effective Instagram Post Ideas To Drive Engagement

This post is full with simple Instagram post ideas that you may use right away. If you’re having trouble deciding what to post on Instagram, we have 23 simple ideas that are sure to increase your audience interaction.

With this list, you’ll never be at a loss for what to share on Instagram, and you can always turn to the accompanying infographic for further ideas.
Without a shadow of a doubt, Instagram is thriving. And it’s THE platform for most organisations and sectors to think about when it comes to engagement.

Engaging with and getting results from even a modest Instagram following can be rather easy.

Some numbers to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Over 300 million accounts use Instagram Stories daily, and the platform currently has 1 billion monthly users and is still expanding.
  • Instagram users are 79% more likely to interact with a post if it includes a location.
  • In contrast to Facebook, where the majority of video is seen without sound, over 70 percent of Instagram Stories are viewed with the volume turned up.
  • After reading an Instagram post, 75% of followers take some sort of action.
  • Users of Instagram are 70% more inclined to buy anything on their phones.
  • Are you interested in what we have to say yet? Get ready to discover the ins and outs of Instagram marketing for your company.

When you’re at a loss for what to share on Instagram, here are some suggestions.
Eighty percent of Instagram users are subscribed to at least one business account, and a third of Instagrammers regularly utilise Instagram Stories. That’s a TONNE of people who are following stories, so the fact that companies are responsible for one-third of the most popular ones is very striking.

Instagram provides a ready-made audience for many different types of companies. Let’s just agree that it’s something you should take into account, okay?

The next phase, though, is where Instagram users in my group get into trouble: what the heck do we make and post for our Instagram Posts?

Don’t scratch your heads any longer, pals. If you’re a marketer who is at a loss for what to publish on Instagram, the kind people at Unmetric have compiled 23 ideas for you.

Easily Create 7 Unique Instagram Posts

Let’s break down 23 Instagram post ideas in case you’re stuck for inspiration. For further illustrations, see the accompanying infographic.

Prize Drawings and Contests

One of the most popular types of Instagram posts is the giveaway or competition. Making your material into a game may be a really effective tactic. To put it plainly, we’re competitive freaks.

And competitions are a terrific way to get people talking about your account, which in turn increases your following and draws more attention to your offerings.

Product Attributes

Products shall be the subject of our next Instagram post example. Focusing on and highlighting your stuff is OK; just don’t do it too much. What’s in it for your target market is an important consideration. But the product itself might be the only focus at times. Be sure to utilise high-quality images and video when posting to Instagram.

Content Created by Users

The conversion rate for UGC on Instagram is 4.5% greater than that of brand-generated material. It’s also one of the least complicated suggestions for Instagram posts.

Therefore, it is prudent to think about incorporating UGC into your Instagram posts. Airbnb is one of the most prominent websites that effectively utilises UGC. Almost all of their material, both from visitors and hosts, is user-generated. After receiving authorization, Airbnb distributes the high-quality content.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and other forms of cause-related marketing

Use cause-related advertising to show off the principles your company stands for. Share your support for a good cause, nonprofit, or social enterprise on Instagram if you feel strongly about it.

The profits from the sale of every Koala Mattress go towards the protection of the endangered Koala population in Australia. Their whole company is based around the koala concept, and they often post about the cause and their fundraising efforts there.

Seasonal and Annual Occasions

Sharing material with a seasonal focus is a natural fit for social media. Obviously, you may use this in your Instagram posts. Important dates and celebrations should be noted and included into text wherever possible.

Don’t assume that the only holidays worth celebrating are Christmas and Easter; instead, keep track of the regional holidays and events that are exclusive to your area, as well as any quirky or “different” festivals that may be enjoyed at any time of year.

Trending Hashtags

Find trending hash tags on the subject you’re posting about and start using them. It’s a good idea to keep a balance between widely used hashtags and those that are more specialised to your company or events.

Another wonderful strategy to get your material seen is to post about an event at which you are participating or with which you are affiliated.


This customer-focused post concept is perfect for Instagram. User-generated content like reviews and videos from satisfied customers are excellent examples of how real people are putting your product to use.

You may reach both business-to-business and business-to-consumer audiences with this kind of content on Instagram. Simply said, we humans enjoy being told what to think. All of us have faith in one another. It’s a win-win situation if customer-generated material can be shared about your brand.