Eleven Proven Methods For Using Instagram To Promote Your Business

Many company owners still fail to understand its marketing potential despite its massive audience. Therefore, they are losing out on substantial opportunities for participation, publicity, and financial gain. Yet, why?

New Statistics: Instagram’s Downloadable Engagement Report

We were able to generate over 70,000 email subscribers from our Instagram presence alone in just 12 months after gaining 400k followers for Foundr. By the conclusion of that time frame, Instagram was sending us an average of 30,000 clicks each month, and 30% of visitors coming from Instagram were signing up for our email list.

We know it works, and now it’s your turn to reap the benefits. Here, you’ll learn the ins and outs of using Instagram to expand your business’s online presence. (Check out our extensive guide on how to launch a business if you need more marketing materials for your startup.)

1. Create a plan for Instagram.

Since this is the first and most important stage in developing an Instagram presence, we placed it at the top of the list.

Without a plan, it will be quite difficult to come up with new content ideas and your feed will look disorganised as a result.

2. Try out several options provided by the platform.

Instagram is always developing in new ways. In fact, Instagram’s CEO announces upgrades and unveils new features in a weekly video.

In one of his most recent videos, he revealed that the platform was beta-testing a subscription service that would get viewers access to exclusive Lives and Stories from their favourite producers.

Live Rooms, shoppable posts, scheduled Lives, and hashtags are just a few of the many established tools on the social network, in addition to the many experimental innovations.

3. Follow the currents.

When a video or piece of music becomes popular on social media, people all over the world immediately want to create their own versions.

Most of these fads are innocuous and entertaining, but they only last for a few weeks at most.

Then why don’t you join us? In any case, it’s a chance to strike up an entertaining and original conversation with your target demographic. Joining a trend when it’s gaining popularity might help you gain a larger audience and more engaged followers.

4. Put your money into high-quality works of art.

There is a simple formula for creating a successful Instagram post: combine stunning visuals with interesting copy.

Amazing Visuals

Pick photos that convey a message or stir up some feeling. This image we posted isn’t only captivating and thought-provoking; it also makes our followers feel something.

The specifics of this strategy will vary from business to business, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to promoting your own wares.

Interesting Text

Adding text to your Instagram pictures is optional, but it adds a level of impact that a picture alone can’t match.

Consider the caption as an opportunity to attract new followers and maintain interest. It’s a place to provide background, expand on the discussion, pose a question, and solicit feedback.

5. Use beneficial alliances to your advantage.

The inability to attract an audience is a major source of stress for Instagram marketers. After all, it won’t be useful as a promotional tool until it has a sizable fan base.

Since the same Instagram post may now be shared by two profiles, cross-promotion between businesses is much simpler. The post will be seen by the followers of both accounts, expanding the audience for both accounts.

6. Create a group of devoted supporters.

Instagram engagement may take various forms, such as when your followers share, like, comment, tag, and click on your post. Here, we’ll talk about the methods we’ve developed for bringing people together.

Publish when your followers can really see it.

Have you ever shared anything on social media you were sure would go viral, only to receive no feedback at all? You had few reactions, even fewer shares, and just spam comments.

It’s tempting to think that you misjudged the response to your update, but it might just be that you published it at the incorrect moment.

Request an Engagement

Many businesses become discouraged when they see little interactions with their Instagram posts.

7. Maintain a consistent posting schedule.

You are competing with millions of different companies for a user’s attention as they browse through the app.

This highlights the importance of being seen. There are several methods to reach your target audience, from Reels to Stories to Lives, and each requires a unique amount of time and planning to execute well.

8. Examine the numbers and fine-tune your strategy.

If you’ve tried all the suggestions we’ve made and your app is still failing to get momentum, the explanation may lie in your data.