What a Non-Designer Needs to Know About Visually Arranging Their Instagram Feed?

How about you? Are you as captivated by well-curated Instagram feeds as we are? If that’s the case, then let’s investigate whether or not you need the assistance of a designer to make such a feed, and how you may go about conceptualising it.
Continue reading if you still find yourself struggling with the visual appeal of your Instagram posts.

Reasons Why You Need to Preplan Your Instagram Feed

Creating a consistent and memorable visual identity on Instagram is essential for reaching your audience. Assembling the Instagram visual identity takes a lot of time and work, and sometimes requires several tests and studies.

Moreover, people pay a lot of attention to appealing visuals while they’re online, and it’s your job as a company or influencer to capture their attention with a striking Instagram visual theme. If you want to stand out from the crowd and avoid common pitfalls, you need a well-thought-out plan for your content.

Basically, the following are the benefits of pre-planning your Instagram feed:

benefits your product, service, and brand by raising awareness of them; aids in grabbing people’s attention during the initial few seconds of interaction; increases value;
Facilitates the development of a devoted fan base; makes it possible to differentiate yourself from the myriad of other businesses in your field.

Can Someone Who Is Not a Designer Create a Beautiful Instagram Grid?

Before beginning to work on an Instagram feed, you should first consider why you want to construct a clean grid and if you actually need this. You may just need to identify your niche to separate yourself from the Instagram masses. What we have here is not necessarily visual in nature.

A steady Instagram feed requires expert advice or close visual monitoring if you responded “yes” to the question.

Reproducing the aesthetic style of popular accounts that you find appealing is a good place to start. Then, as time goes on, you’ll learn what you can do better, find new sources of inspiration, and advance to the next level.

Of course the answer to the question posed in the heading is yes.

Ideas That Help in Creating a Strong Instagram Visual Concept

The size of your audience is a major factor in determining the importance of visual appeal and the viability of your proposal. If your niche product has a small enough target audience, you can easily find out what they enjoy and use that information to your advantage when designing appealing visuals.

If you have a huge and varied fan base, it might be more challenging to please everyone with your visual content. Yet, even if this is the case, the following suggestions might be useful:

Use visuals to make people feel something. Determine which images resonate best with your target demographic. You may achieve this in a few ways: by experimenting with the visual material, by sharing something you know would generate a reaction in stories (pets or memes, for example), or by just asking your followers what they want to see more of. You may also evoke strong feelings by combining contrasting aesthetic elements; for example, using 3D effects, weird textures, or eye-catching colour gradients.

Try to be elusive and silent. Use visual tricks, such as hiding details or employing puns, to encourage your readers to keep reading.

Be yourself. Make use of images from your own photo shoots, or design original graphics.

Have a true and open attitude. There’s no constant need to craft a professionally-looking feed, especially if you find that smartphone photographs do just as well. It’s okay if your images have some flaws, including awkward perspectives or unwanted distractions.

Employ legible fonts. Especially if it’s a graphical representation of text. Text should be aligned to the left, all capital letters should be used, and the size of each text block should be constant throughout; for example, the title should be larger than the text body, and captions should be smaller than all other text blocks. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use more than four distinct font sizes.

Attempt a variety of close-ups and long shots. You’ll notice a significant improvement in your feed’s cuteness after doing this.

Blend your selfies and anecdotes about you with postings about your service if you’re advertising a self-service or product you produce on your own (coaching, teaching, freelancing job, DIY goods, etc). (coaching, teaching, freelance work, DIY stuff, etc.). This will strengthen the bond between you and your service, foster meaningful interaction between you and your followers, and ultimately elevate the value of your offering.

Instagram’s Visual Aesthetics Don’ts

Our product designer, Max, thinks that the worst thing you can be is dull and reluctant to try new things. Original low-quality photo material may not always look better than commodity photographs that are presented in an engaging way.

Doing something is preferable to doing nothing. There are no hard and fast guidelines; rather, everything must be determined by the circumstances and desired outcomes.
In order to establish a consistent visual tone for your Instagram business, Max advises using no more than two distinct fonts and sizes in a single post. Choose one for use in headlines and another for a caption; this is all that is needed at the moment.

Moreover, plan the colour scheme in advance, taking into account the primary colours and their various tones. Yet, you shouldn’t overwhelm your readers with a rainbow of hues.