Instagram Marketing Strategies That Go Beyond Pretty Pics

In 2023, Instagram will be one of the most widely used social networking sites. It’s little wonder that the happiest times in people’s lives are often shared with loved ones.

But why would a company care about a social network for sharing photos? While this is obviously not a challenge for eCommerce shops selling tangible things (particularly creative and quirky objects), other sorts of businesses may be having trouble extracting meaningful value from their Instagram presence.

In this piece, we’ll examine several creative ways that brands may interact with Instagram users beyond simply sharing attractive photographs of their wares.

Product-Based Blogs

You may easily convert your followers into buyers by posting shoppable content. You can add product tags to your feed articles, stories, reels, and even live broadcasts with shoppable postings.

If Instagram checkout is available in your country, a user may make a purchase without leaving Instagram by clicking on the tag and being redirected to the product page.

With the aid of shoppable posts, your Instagram account may function as a little ecommerce site, so there’s really no excuse not to use them.

Doesn’t it just sound incredible? Sounds almost too wonderful to be true. Of course, there are two major drawbacks to shoppable posts on Instagram.

The first is the lack of global backing. Find out whether your country allows shoppable posts here.

Instagram’s transaction fees are another drawback. It’s consistently 5% of the product price across all markets. A flat $0.40 charge is applied to all purchases of $8 or less.

Remember these two points as you evaluate your company’s shoppable costs.

Advice For Service Organisations

If you’re thinking, “What if I don’t offer ecommerce products?” you’re not alone. Instagram may still be made actionable without shoppable posts by including a link to your scheduling app in the profile. You won’t have to worry about costs like you would with shoppable posts, but you’ll still want to write captions that motivate your followers to book an appointment with you so they can use your services.


Free stuff is the best. If you give anything away, you’ll end up with more money than you put into the gesture.

They emerged as companies recognised the potential benefits of social networking.

Asking your followers to like or comment on the post, or to make their own post using the designated hashtag, is a simple method to organise a contest.

Use Content Created By Your Audience

“Social” in “social media” isn’t merely a trendy adjective. Even if the point of your business account is to have as many people view your material as possible, you should still take the time to interact with your followers.

And resharing their photos is a great way to interact with them. You might, for instance, combine weekly freebies with reposting one user-generated piece of content.

You may, for instance, provide a free product or a discount of 50% to the person who submits the funniest photo of themselves using your product. Personal trainers may utilise this to their advantage by showing off their customers’ progress towards their fitness goals by publishing before and after photos of their workout sessions.

User-generated content can also relieve you (or your social media manager) of some of the burden of managing a business’s social media accounts.

Promotional Ads and Enhanced Messages

Advertising is a consideration that must be given to any social media platform that is used for business rather than personal reasons. And if you can afford it, there are no downsides to giving it a shot.

Boosted posts and native adverts are two options available to you on Instagram for this purpose.

If you want more people to see your most recent post, a boost may be the way to go. However, they have little value if you’re trying to sell a niche product to a certain demographic because they aren’t targeted.

In the feeds of your intended audience, you will see posts labelled “Ad” to indicate that these are paid promotions. Boost their usefulness by combining them with shoppable blog entries.

Creating a successful advertising campaign is in and of itself an art form, but when done well, it can yield significant returns on a little budget.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Analytical Findings

Instagram has built-in metrics and insights that may help you determine the success or failure of your posts. You’ll be able to make better choices about your future publishing as a result of this.

Numerous further applications are available as well. If advertising initiatives are part of your strategy, those will be extremely helpful.

Some apps can help you figure out your return on investment, while others will help you better understand your target demographic and even recommend the optimum time of day to make Instagram posts.

First and foremost, Engage Your Audience!

Don’t forget what I mentioned before regarding the “social” in social media. Get as most out of your interactions with your followers as you possibly can!

Encourage them to share and comment on your material by like and responding to their remarks.

Engaging with your target demographic increases brand loyalty and awareness. However, if your business is B2B, this may be more challenging.