Instagram Has Declined From Being A Simple Photo-Sharing Platform.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has announced the company’s plans to expand into video, saying that the service is about more than just sharing photos.

In a video shared online, Instagram’s head of product says the company is focusing on four main areas for future development.

The organisation places a premium on creators and is always developing innovative ways to help them monetize their work. Mosseri sees a general trend of power shifting from large organisations to people and wants to implement this trend in Instagram.

Video comes in at number two, since it is now seeing explosive growth across all major web platforms. Mosseri argues that Instagram should prioritise video content and goes on to detail his strategy for doing so.

Instagram also wants to grow in another direction: e-commerce. As a result of the epidemic, many years were shaved off of the clock in the industry’s transition from brick-and-mortar to digital platforms for conducting business. Instagram hopes to profit off of this craze.

Instagram’s fourth planned feature expansion is a more robust messaging system, which, according to Mosseri, is now the primary means through which Instagram users communicate with their closest friends. Over the past five years, direct messages (DMs) have replaced feed updates and articles as the primary means of communication.

Mosseri reveals some details on Instagram’s future video features and distribution strategies.

Instagram’s Video Plans Are Huge

Mosseri declares, “We’re no longer a photo sharing app,” before discussing the future of video for his firm.

According to Instagram’s data, the app’s primary function is to provide users with a source of entertainment. it’s why readers keep cracking the cover: to find it.

Instagram will increasingly focus on video as a means of providing content for its users. Mosseri concedes that TikTok and YouTube present formidable challenges, so Instagram will need to put in a lot of effort to catch up.

The corporation is rising to the occasion by preparing a slew of future improvements. One of these shifts is the adoption of a new model for content distribution that exposes audiences to a greater range of producers.

Instagram plans to try out new recommendation features over the coming few months. This requires incorporating feed content from accounts that the user isn’t necessarily following at the moment.

Last week, a beta version of this experiment went live. This week, a brand-new survey asks readers what kinds of content they’d want to see more of and what kinds they’d prefer to see less of.

Instagram will also test with other ways of using video content. Mosseri gives a little preview of what’s to come:

Last but not least, the corporation intends to improve its transparency by sharing more information about impending changes.