Facebook’s Instagram Reels is a big competitor to social media network TikTok, which is launched in the US.  The new content format of Instagram is Reels, which lets the users create a short-form video and share the short-form video type to the users and fans in a new and great dedicated Feed on Instagram’s Explore Page. 

Facebook makes a serious attempt to compete with TikTok, a  new format of short-form videos. Instagram Reels let the creators record and short-form videos and edit short-form videos with music tracks, soundtracks, and audio. They share that video with their fans and audiences, which is the same as what people do on the social media platform TikTok. First, Facebook used to test the Reels feature with Brazil users in November, before the introduction in India, Germany, and France. 


Instagram has said that the new feature of Instagram will live within the Instagram Stories, making Reels in the top side left corner in Instagram’s Home Feed.  Instagram updates the Rolodex options at the screen’s bottom for making Boomerangs, text posts, Live Videos to create a Reels Tab on Instagram. The process of Reels creation displays very similar to the social media platform TikTok. 

People can quickly tell which video content posts are Reels of Instagram with the help of the icon like a clipboard in the bottom left corner. On the Instagram surface, seeing or watching the Reels on Instagram is similar to watching the short video on TikTok. People can like the videos, comment on the videos, buy more Instagram Reels comments and share the videos with other social networks. And you can see what sound or music was explicitly used on that video by just clicking on that video sound. When you are scrolling on your Explore page or Home Feed, you can be told which of the Instagram posts are clips of Reels by an icon like clapboard in the left boom corner. The viewing experience of the Instagram Reels is the same as the viewing experience of TikTok. 

For showing all your Reels, a new great tab is opened on your user’s profile page. That page will display all your Reels created on Instagram. The tab is built next to the tab of IGTV or the tab for users tagged in. The Reels videos are limited to up to fifteen seconds. But the length of the TikTok videos is up to sixty seconds. The Reels are varying from TikTok.

Facebook benefits in its long-lasting partnership with agencies and music labels, which may have to be re-negotiated and adjusted to permit Instagram users to access audio and music for Instagram reels videos. TikTok has become a  staple of social interaction of Gen Z and internet culture. The most significant social media application TikTok has over two billion downloads. Users use the application to show off comedic skits, dance t music, lip-synching and viral challenges.