The Positive Effects of Business Social Media Marketing


The fundamentals of social media marketing are probably familiar to you if you’ve been working in marketing for some time: It’s a low-priced approach to interact with current and future clients. It’s nice to hear, but you may be wondering what the research indicates about people real engagement with social media.

After all, when resources are few, it is essential that every marketing dollar be put to good use. Here are some numbers that back up the assertion that social media marketing is beneficial for most companies.

Participation of Customers

You may be able to reach 91% of today’s millennials if you promote your business on YouTube. Content that shows off a company’s unique character increases engagement by 90%.

If a customer has a good experience with a brand on social media, they are more likely to suggest that brand (71% likelihood).

A View from the Marketing Department

  • The majority of marketers (89%) agree that social media is crucial to their success.
  • Sixty-five percent of all marketers have allocated more money to social media advertising this year.
  • Engagement, traffic, and leads are the three primary KPIs used to assess the value of social media marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics from social media are used by 77 percent of marketers to evaluate the success of their campaigns.
  • Seventy-three percent of marketers say that social media marketing has helped their company.
  • By the end of 2019, it is predicted that customers will have spent more than $500 billion on online purchases using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Finding New Products

Sixty percent of Instagram users report finding new items there.
About two-thirds of businesses (66%) now use social media to announce items to customers.
In fact, 54% of shoppers have admitted to conducting product research on social networking sites.

Building a Name for Your Product

  • Every day, almost 200 million individuals check at at least one business’s profile on Instagram.
  • The vast majority of consumers (74%) are willing to spread the word about a company by sharing a video featuring one of their products.
  • There is a great advantage to interacting with customers and attending to their needs. People interact with businesses on social media most commonly to get answers to questions, air complaints about a product, and share positive experiences with that business’ offerings.
  • Customers report feeling more positive about a brand after contacting the company via their social media profiles.
  • Non-customers are three times more likely to boost traffic for companies on social media, making it a terrific area to attract new consumers.

Car Buying and Driving with a Purchase

  • According to research conducted by Correlate, the majority of customers (76%) have made a purchase after seeing it promoted on social media.
  • Among the survey’s respondents, 52% said they would consider making a purchase after seeing it advertised on Facebook, according to a research by Statista.
  • Almost half of customers (44%) say they have made a purchase based on a recommendation from a brand’s social media post.

Even without a substantial financial backing, it is essential to invest in social media in order to reap the future benefits of social marketing.

If you’re not taking advantage of the internet market, you’re leaving money on the table in terms of e-commerce, customer service, and global recognition of your brand.