Tips For Increasing Instagram Views When Posting Reels

Believe it or not, increasing your Instagram interaction may be as simple as understanding how to properly post Reels.

The amount of interaction with Instagram Reels is 67% more than with regular IG videos.

Sharing reels on Instagram is a fantastic method to increase interactions, and it’s especially useful for a busy agency like yours.

The secret to getting more people to interact with your content is to distribute Instagram Reels properly, using trustworthy tools, and maximise your efforts to reach a wider audience.

We’ll go through the dos and don’ts of sharing Reels on Insta and other platforms, as well as some commonly asked questions, in our IG Reels guide.

Posting Instagram Highlight Reels

Spreading your IG Reels over many Instagram accounts and other social media platforms increases your exposure.

The greater the number of Instagram Reels seen, the greater the number of interactions and purchases that will result.

The problem is that it might be time-consuming for your firm to create and distribute content for Instagram Reels.

Use a cutting-edge social media advertising tool to expedite the process of making and sharing Reels.

What to do and what not to do while posting Instagram videos

Make your Instagram posts more engaging by following the tried-and-true advice shown in these Reels. (and not do).


  • Don’t be afraid to use current hit songs. Include the hottest songs of the moment from Tik Tok and Instagram Reels. The music will be familiar to many Instagram users, increasing the likelihood that they will check out your IG Reels and TikTok videos.
  • However, refrain from playing music which has been overused. It’s possible that others will tune out of your shared Reels if they hear it too much.
  • Include some imaginative touches. Add some flair to your Instagram reels by incorporating some art. Use a trusted content maker tool to include transitions in your videos, for example.
  • Use Instagram Reels as a source of creative inspiration for your own material.
  • Leap into the current fashion. Make and distribute Reels that adhere to the client’s branding and engagement strategies while also capitalising on current trends.
  • Use the same method for incorporating timely material into social media videos, such as Instagram Stories.

Make or organise your Reels in chunks. Creating new content or strategically organising current Reels to promote across many social media platforms may be time-consuming.
Time is money, so make the Reels you’d like to share in bulk and plan them out in advance to save both.

Doing so will help you maintain a steady output of informative articles (and other important pieces) to boost participation.


  • Don’t flood it with messages. Overlapping text (which includes on-screen text) can obscure the images in IG Reels. Keep the Instagram vibe by using a voice-over or an individual audio clip.
  • To prevent writing from becoming illegible, stay away from the Reel’s boundaries and the area at its base.

Duplicate Share Reels of previously existing content. Distribute only original, brand-related material to your customer. Don’t reshare Instagram videos just to make them more popular.
You should also avoid posting the same thing to many Instagram accounts.

Understanding the differences between Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories can help you produce content that will spark conversation.

  • Please display the TikTok watermark. The use of TikTok videos in Instagram Reels is both frequent and purposeful. However, using the TikTok watermark may give the impression that the Reel is not original.
  • Think about uploading the actual video without the watermark to Instagram Reels and various other applications and sites.

Reel duration that maximises interaction

The optimal duration of an Instagram Reel is conditional on the desired outcome.

For instance, videos between three and fifteen seconds long perform best in terms of views, while those between seven and eighteen seconds are optimal in terms of comments.

Include Instagram videos on a webpage

Web developers can do this by manual coding and embedding of the material.

Integrating Reels into your website is a breeze if you utilise a reputable social media aggregation provider.

Turn down the music and dialogue in a Reel

To test your finished Reels project, silence the source audio and select Preview.

To turn off the camera’s audio, choose the gear icon, then slide the control to zero.

Post Instagram highlights to attract more viewers.

Take use of IG Reels by disseminating them across your various marketing and social media platforms.

You can save a lot of time and effort by using a smart social media marketing tool like Vista Social to manage the creation and distribution of Reels.