How TikTok Advertising Differ From Facebook Advertisement

Why Should You Buy TikTok Ads?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering if your intended audience uses TikTok, and the answer is yes. TikTok users are expanding beyond millennials and generation Z, with 64 percent of the platform’s users being over 20. Users also commit considerable time to the site. They check it eight times a day and spend 52 minutes a day on it.

The For You page, which is tailored to each individual, is a major lure. TikTok’s technology can figure out what users enjoy seeing and keep delivering that to them after only a day or two.

Priority No. 1: Learn to Tell the Difference Between TikTok Advertising and Facebook Advertisement

TikTok’s self-service ad platform distinguishes between your normal account and an advertisements account, whereas Facebook uses your page as your advertising avatar. This isn’t a linked pair of accounts. While viewers of your TikTok advertisements can connect with them, they won’t be able to subscribe to your ad account and your views won’t be recorded.

However, compared to Facebook, TikTok’s pixel tracking is weaker. The issue is that audiences do not refresh, necessitating the creation of a new audience with each new set of information. Because of this, TikTok suggests focusing on in-app events rather than pixel data when establishing a target audience.

Second, TikTok’s Interests and Categories might help you zero down on your audience.

Yet, the TikTok ad platform isn’t yet smart enough to classify users into interests, even if it’s likely that your target demographic already uses the app. There are now just 102 categories in which you may narrowly target your adverts, limiting you to a total of about 15 interests. One’s target demographic might be as wide as an interest or as specific as a category.

Unlike on other platforms, most of the available targeting is related to the kinds of viral content that do well on TikTok.

There are no B2B or information product-specific niches available at the moment. Making an account and posting content is the only way to reach your intended demographics, and TikTok will do the legwork for you. Caleb has experience selling to other businesses through his advertising firm, but he stresses the importance of the algorithm locating your ideal customers and of giving that algorithm accurate data through your content.

Reading the comments and guiding people via a funnel is the only method to figure out who is viewing your TikTok videos and to make educated guesses about the relevant interests and categories to reach them. Then you’ll have a good idea of what kind of content and topics will resonate with them.

Clients of the Agency

Since that your ordinary TikTok account and ad account are independent entities, converting an organic TikTok video into an ad through a self-service ad account is not possible. If you know who is watching your videos, you may advertise to them and also reach out to those who are similar to those who already watch your films.

Every TikTok video has an ad code, and a test feature now allows agency accounts to direct views to such advertisements. To obtain this code and permit its usage in advertisements, please visit your account settings. This is typically done by powerful individuals working with major corporations.

Three, make a personal connection with your target audience through the creative design of your TikTok ads.

Users of TikTok would like not have their experience there manipulated in the same way that it is on Instagram and Pinterest. People prefer advertisements that appear to be genuine postings since it is the type of information they engage with most. Caleb suggests filming on a smartphone to make the video more stylistically consistent with the videos people often see in their feed.