How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business?

Stories on social media platforms like Snapchat have exploded in popularity. The Stories function provides companies with a fantastic chance to connect with their audience, raise brand recognition, and boost sales.

Telling a story is a great way to have some fun while also connecting with your audience in a fresh way. Using Instagram Stories is a great way to get your followers involved.

Why You Should Post to Instagram Stories?

Users and brands alike may take use of Instagram’s new “Stories” feature to share photographs and videos with an expiration date. Instagram Stories will not appear in your profile feed like regular posts.

Instagram Stories, on the other hand, are seen in the story carousel or by tapping the profile picture. You may use Instagram’s Highlights feature to preserve your stories if you’d like them to remain on your profile.

Instagram Stories, just like Snapchat Stories, disappear 24 hours after they are originally shared.

Unless you have a private account, Instagram users in general can view your Instagram Stories. If a person sets their profile to “private,” then only those who follow them will be able to see their tales.

You can check how many people have seen your Instagram Stories and interacted with them on your company analytics page.

Instagram Stories’ Advantages

Daily users of Instagram Stories number in excess of 500 million. The good news is… Facebook Inc. found that 62% of Instagram users said they were more interested in a business or product after viewing a story about it.

You may be wondering why Instagram Stories are so popular at this point.

A few of factors account for this.

First, the increased frequency of posts enabled by Instagram Stories will help you remain front-of-mind with your audience.

Second, Instagram Stories material is often more lighthearted. In other words, it’s closer to the real thing. Trust among users is another benefit of being genuine.

Last but not least, Instagram Stories have elements meant to encourage interaction from viewers. A few examples of user interaction include reading and responding to stories, asking questions, and participating in polls.

Instagram Story Sharing Tips

Here’s what you should do when you’re prepared to use Instagram Stories to advertise your company:

  • Open Instagram and click the “+” button.
  • Pick a picture or video from your computer’s storage or use the camera to take one.
  • Draw, type, and put images into your tale using the tools along the top of the screen.
  • Use the “Your Story” button in the lower left corner to tell your tale.
  • The four actions outlined above may be repeated with new content to create several stories to Instagram.

Best Methods for Creating Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Are Treated Distinctly Distinctly From Regular Posts. Therefore, remember these guidelines for creating engaging Instagram Stories.

Be true to yourself. Don’t post photos or videos to your stream that have been heavily altered. The most effective Instagram Stories concepts may be executed with minimal effort. Instead, you should highlight the real-world examples of your goods or even the individuals that make up your company.
Make use of adhesive labels. Involvement may be boosted with the help of stickers. If you don’t take advantage of them, you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table. In instance, asking your audience questions and conducting polls might yield valuable insights. Make your tales more discoverable by include relevant hashtags and geotags.
Use video in your experiments. Using video material may help your story jump out from the crowd. You might make videos to incorporate in your narrative, or you could use an animation tool like Canva to animate still photos.
Make a point out of. It’s annoying that Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours if you have some fantastic ideas for them. Find out how to export your Instagram highlights to your profile. Make use of appropriate headings and symbols for your highlights to give your work a professional appearance.
Plan out your narratives. Spending time and effort to follow postings and articles across numerous platforms is a major time commitment. Streamlining your digital marketing efforts necessitates the inclusion of tales on your editorial calendar and the use of a scheduler that supports Instagram tales.

Tips for Using Instagram Stories to Advertise Your Company

Using tales to raise brand awareness on social media opens up many doors. We’ve included some of our favourite strategies for increasing engagement with Instagram Stories.

Demonstrate How Your Items Are Used

Promote your items in style by posting high-quality photos and videos to your Instagram account. However, your fans are well aware that the vast majority of your posts are staged or manipulated.

In comparison, Instagram Stories provides ample room to demonstrate how your items perform in practise. There are a number of narrative techniques you may use to advertise your wares.

User-generated material from your current clientele can be reposted. Customers will be more likely to promote your business by posting about your items and tagging you in the hopes of being highlighted in your narrative.

Plan Instagram “Takeovers”

Sometimes it’s more effective to begin content creation with a real person rather than a brand. You may accomplish this on Instagram by giving someone else control of your account for 24 hours so they can post stories on your behalf.

Takeovers by current workers are a great alternative. They can contribute to the authenticity of the backstage environment by producing “day in the life” content. Alternately, you might collaborate with consumers or influencers to increase your exposure.

Show off the Making-Of Videos

Instagram Stories, as we noted before, tend to be more laid-back in tone. You may utilise this to connect with your fans in a real way.

Give your fans a glimpse inside the inner workings of your company or the production of a certain product. Sharing such information gives your audience a sense of belonging to your brand.